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Latest version: 5.35
License: Free
Size: 37.85 Mb
OS: Android
Language: English
Last modified:


How to Download and Install ShowBox?

Need to download ShowBox to your mobile device? Here is a detailed step-by-step guide for users:

      1. Click on the link to get it;
      2. Do not forget to turn off unknown sources blocking to install the app;
      3. You will find this setting in the “Security” tab;
      4. Open the file and initiate the installation;
      5. Turn on the installed application;
      6. Enjoy all the video content with no fee.

ShowBox is a streaming app. It was initially made for Android devices. People can use it to watch video content worldwide. The utility provides access to all relevant films, trailers and contains information about the cast. People can find out all the details about the upcoming releases and movies available for viewing. Users love this app for the vast amount of free content and the ability to watch their favorite movies & TV shows. 

It’s a universal app so that all users can enjoy content regardless of their location. Free access to video content is available on any portable device. It is worth noting that here you can download the latest official version of this app. It’s unavailable at the official app market for now, but we are ready to help you. We are pleased to provide you the opportunity to get this app with no fee. 

Is it illegal or not?

Technically, using ShowBox is entirely legal since no country prohibits the streaming of video content. However, be careful about what you stream. The pirated streams can be considered illegal in many countries. Don’t forget to use a reliable VPN app. It must be running and connected most of the time, while you are watching video content.

Users should understand that most of the free streams on the Internet are not licensed so that copyright holders can charge you with illegal viewing of content. Many countries consider pirate streams illegal, so this applies to both Android and iOS devices. Be careful when choosing what you are looking to watch.

Fix ShowBox Not Working (Connection Error)

ShowBox is a stable application that does an excellent job of watching movies and TV shows. You can view anything you want in HD quality. The probability of failures or errors is very low. However, you can always look at the instructions and solve the problem in a couple of clicks. Follow these tips, and you will not encounter difficulties when using the utility.

      1. Always use the latest version as it contains all the fixes. It is available on our website.
      2. If the problem occurs when using the latest version, you need to go to the settings section.
      3. Go to the tab with applications and find the inscription ShowBox.
      4. Make click on its option and choose the “storage option.”
      5. Clear all cache & data.
      6. Close and open the app again. It can fix the main app problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Showbox

Does it work not only on Android devices?

Well, not exactly. You can use emulators to run in on PC, Mac, and iPhones.

Is it safe to use it?

️There are no viruses, spyware, or malware in the APK file. It is slightly different from the standard installation of applications, but there is nothing complicated. Such an algorithm of actions will not cause you any difficulties.

Is the app Legal?

It’s is not a legal app at Google’s opinion, and you won’t find it on Google Play or anywhere else. Nevertheless, you can use the application at your own risk and choose streams yourself.

Is it free to use?

Yep. It is free for all users. Users do not need to pay for the application itself.

Tell me where I can download this APK file?

Use our website to download Showbox. We place the current version of the application so you can always take advantage of this offer.

What movies can I watch with this app?

You can view almost every movie on the planet. The app has a vast movie library.

Is it only for movies?

You can watch TV-shows and series too. Don’t hesitate to search for it.

Does it support HD-quality?

Yes, it does. Almost all the video content is available for free.

How can I save movies on my device?

Click to the download button to save any video content.